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The Return to School and the Importance of Socio-emotional Learning

Aug 12, 2022

After six weeks of vacation, children always find it a challenge to return to the classroom and get back into the school routine. Vacations give students a chance to unwind, relax and refuel before the start of the new year, however the thought of the return to school presents some children with apprehension, particularly if it’s joining a new school or moving to a new country.

Considering a child’s socio-emotional needs is so important today and that’s why teachers at KSI Bogota actively encourage open conversations about emotional development, supporting students to recognise what they are feeling and how they can articulate it and express their feelings better.

The pandemic has prevented children being able to socialise with peers as freely as they used to, so we want to support children develop relationship skills and see them form positive interactions.

Supporting good communication is key and teachers are encouraged to lead by example. By sharing their feelings and asking students how they are feeling prompts honest discussions in circle time and during role play scenarios. Praising good communication, maintaining eye contact and listening as the students voice their concerns, encourage children to open up.

KSI Bogota recognises there is a positive correlation between a child’s socio-emotional wellbeing and their academic achievement. For this reason, they remain so committed to this philosophy and have established a reputation for educating happy, well-rounded global citizens. Its recent reaccreditation by Great Place to Study confirms this and it looks forward to welcoming students back on 18 August 2021.

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