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World Read Aloud Day

Aug 12, 2022

KSI Bogota staff were invited to read their favourite book aloud to students via video conference. Presenters made the characters come to life in their readings and went to extra special lengths to dressup! Students thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and participated by dressing in costume and reading along with the teacher.

Books selected were a range of English and Spanish titles.

  • ¡Vaya apetito tiene el zorrillo!  by Claudia Rueda
  • Cómo atrapar una estrella by Oliver Jeffers
  • Las vacaciones de Roberta by Silvia Francia
  • DOING MY CHORES by T. Albert
  • The giving tree by Shel Silverstein
  • Maisy va a la biblioteca by Lucy Cousins
  • The Phantom of the Opera by Kate Knighton (illustrated version based on Gaston Leroux’s version)
  • Anabel y el monstruo del Lago Ness by Adam Hochschild
  • The case of the missing smile by T. Albert
  • Cómo reconocer un monstruo by Gustavo Roldan
  • Matilda by Roald Dahl (Fragment)

The day was an enormous success with staff very appreciative of being included in the activity and interacting with students in a new way.

“Thank you very much for the invitation and for giving me the opportunity to share this time with the wonderful students from Reception, it was a great experience. I hope I can be able to share another moment with them, doing the same activity. See you soon”.  Diego, ICT.

“Thank you very much and congratulations for being able to do this activity. Thank you, I really value the opportunity of being able to work with you”. Claudia, Head master.

“Hello, thank you very much for the acknowledgement and for creating this space to interact with the students. It was an amazing experience. Again, thank you”.  Alejandra, Front desk

“What a gift you gave us! Thank you for involving us in this activity and for letting us share this with the students”. Joan, Admissions

“We were really happy to see Miss Claudia in another way than as the headmaster. We saw another side to her and that made us feel happy” Grade 3 Students

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World Read Aloud Day

World Read Aloud Day

KSI Bogota staff were invited to read their favourite book aloud to students via video conference....