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a typical day

How our school day looks.

The school gates open at 6:55am and students are expected to arrive no later than 7:15am. The school bus service operates in the morning and afternoon for students and staff alike. There is also ample parking at the school and parents should drive thru to leave their child inside the school gate for morning drop-off.
Lunch & Breaks
Students take a twenty-minute morning break at 9:00am where they are given a light snack and a chance to play outdoors.


A hot and healthy lunch is served in the cafeteria at 11:35am, with pre-schooler’s and primary students eating first followed by the secondary students at 12:20. Following lunch, students take recess which gives them a chance to mingle with other children on the school campus and play.

Students start the school day at 7:15am every day. The morning begins with a fifteen-minute homeroom meeting where the classroom teacher performs roll call, shares any news for the day and does a first mindfulness exercise.


Students at KSI Bogota benefit from structured lessons, following a six-day rotation schedule. Instead of defining a week as Monday through Friday, it takes six days to complete a cycle (labelled 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). Therefore, Day 1 might fall on a Monday one week and the following cycle it might fall on a Tuesday. In our school calendar you find each day of the cycle each week.


Preschool and primary students follow the same schedule, whilst secondary students have a different schedule.


The school also holds parent-teacher conferences after each report card distribution so that parents can meet with teachers and ask questions about their child’s progress. Regular coffee morning sessions with the leadership team are also held in order for parents to understand the latest developments at the school and to ask any questions to the school administration.

The school day finishes at 14:30 for all students and school buses depart promptly at 14:35.
After School
Co-Curricular Activities are offered to preschool and primary students and take place once a week over a 10-week period during the last two periods. Secondary students can select from a variety of After School Activities which change on a termly basis and start after school.