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Social Program

KSIB gives underprivileged children the opportunity to study on the campus. The majority of these students are children of labourers who work in the nearby farms and nurseries. KSIB is proud to support these families with a full-day educational programme, being able to access a high quality education and resources and share with KSIB students.

Parent Association

KSIB is proud to have an active parent association (ASOKSI). ASOKSI assists the school with planning special events such as Family Day and supports the school through fundraising efforts designated for specific improvement projects or initiatives. Recent projects that ASOKSI have helped fund include walkway roofing and the installation of additional security cameras.

Parent Involvement

We believe that the most successful schools have strong relationships among teachers, administrators and parents. In addition to opportunities to get involved with ASOKSI, the school regularly hosts a number of parent education conferences on topics ranging from early childhood literacy, adequate technology uses at home, and adolescent issues such as substance abuse, study habits, and the university application process.

The school also holds parent-teacher conferences after each report card distribution so that parents can meet with teachers and ask questions about their child’s progress. Regular coffee morning sessions with the leadership team are also held in order for parents to understand the latest developments at the school and to ask any questions to the school administration.