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Mónica , Year 4 Parent

The school is AMAZING. The staff are highly qualified and committed to an educational model where children work on their intellectual and emotional development. I like that the school is small and that the teachers really get to know their students. The feedback from evaluations is helpful and helps us as parents. Additionally, the school follows international standards, following the International Baccalaureate. Highly recommended!

Sonia, Teacher

I have been working here for four years and my three kids study here as well. The school is a magic mixture of excellence and love for the kids. The primary program helps the kids to be the best they can be… really following the slogan of the school ‘be all you can be’! My kid’s confidence and academic level improved radically once they started at KSI. Teachers are committed to give their best to guarantee that students become not just outstanding students but excellent human beings. The fact that it is an IB personalized school makes a huge difference in the skills and abilities of the kids.

Claudia , Year 9 Parent

Excellent school where children are valued as human beings and not as numbers

Maria Luisa, Teacher

It has been three years, sharing learning and teaching experiences at KSI, a place that allows us to grow as teachers. Pedagogy is the path that strengthens academic processes from differentiation and inclusion, developing social skills and an open mind in happy and autonomous children / adolescents.

María Paula Roa - Year 13 student!

Cozy, safe and dynamic. These are the three words I would use to describe my school during the pandemic. Despite having to be confined, the teachers did an excellent job to make us feel better during the pandemic and when we returned to classes they welcomed us with all the love in the world and the school safer than ever, with a perfect environment to take everything back. Thanks Knightsbridge, for my experience. It has really been very rewarding.

Daniella García - Biology Teacher (secondary)

This is my fourth year working at KSI. My son started when he was 2 years old in KIDS by KSI and when he turned 4 he started studying in Reception. I have seen him grow and learn in a lovable environment. I have seen as a teacher and as a mother the significant difference that exists in the group size how the needs of each student can be acknowledged and responded to. The aim of the whole community is to make each member really be all we can be, this applies to all of us. I had my second child while working at KSI and have always felt the support and love for all of us. As a community, we strive to ensure that all of our members are the best they can be not only academically but also socially and emotionally.


María Alejandra Motta - Alumnus

I want to thank KSI for providing me with skills and learning that formed and prepared me for my further studies, but most of all I want to thank you for showing me and teaching me the diversity of the world in order to understand a little bit of reality.

Isabella Varona - Alumnus

My experience as a student at KSI was one of constant learning from very good teachers, who gave us a friendship, helped us exploit all the knowledge we have and shared theirs with us. Apart from this, the school is a very friendly community in which I really enjoyed spending time with my classmates of different grades, not just mine.

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Las Familias del KSI Nos Cuentan Su Experiencia

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