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Anastasia Goulandris Scholarship Scheme

KSI is proud to announce that the Anastasia Goulandris Foundation will be kindly donating a limited number of scholarships to eligible families who enroll at the KSI Primary School.

The Anastasia Goulandris Foundation is committed to supporting children on their educational journey, for the lifetime of the successful candidate. Students must uphold the KSI values, have good discipline and maintain their academic standards in accordance with the minimum terms of their scholarship.

To take advantage of the limited scholarship places available please complete the online Application Form and will contact you to give you all the information and for you to send all the supporting documents. The Admissions Committee will then contact you to discuss your application further and advise you on the outcome of your application.

Social Programme:
KSIB gives underprivileged children the opportunity to study on the campus. The majority of these students are children of labourers who work in the nearby farms and nurseries. KSIB is proud to support these families with a full-day educational programme, being able to access a high quality education and resources and share with KSIB students.

Scholarship applicable to new students, Reception – Year 6 only. Students must meet scholarship terms for eligibility. Scholarship students cannot claim any other offers on fees.

1. Book a School Tour

The School Tour allows families to see the school and get a 360 overview of the KSI experience. Visits can be booked by calling the school on +57 315 7006662 or booking online.

2. Complete Application Form

Complete the Application Form online. Information collected on the application is needed in order for participation in the Play Day.

3. Join a Play Day

The Play Day is a chance for students to interact with their classmates. It also gives teachers a chance to observe the student in a classroom setting.

4. Family Interview

All prospective parents are required to attend an admissions interview.

5. Complete Document Pack

The application form is to be submitted with a list of basic documents by a specific date.

6. Results Notification Date

The admissions committee will review the application once all steps are completed. The committee will get back to the family with the results.