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Supporting Your Child With Their Transition to School From Kindergarten

Aug 12, 2022

One of the most significant steps for your child in the early years is starting school. The transition from kindergarten to preschool is a big change for them, particularly the longer days and structured routines that take place in reception. For transition to be successful, preparation and planning should begin early and parents should develop positive relationships with schools to facilitate the process.

Encourage independence
You can help children in preparing for school by encouraging independence, teach them how to remove their shoes and hang up their coats, feed themselves independently and tidy up after themselves. Ensure children are fully toilet trained and can wash their hands properly afterwards.

Talk to your child honestly about starting school and share your own/ siblings experiences with them, offering opportunities to share their feelings. Remember don’t overdo it as you want to get them comfortable about starting school but not feel anxious.

Encourage children to think about what the first day of school will be like, get them to role-play a typical day for example putting uniform on, saying goodbye, going to class, lining up for class, eating lunch and playing in the playground.

Actively seek out peers at the same school
It is very likely that other children at your child’s kindergarten will be going to the same school, actively introduce your child to these children and encourage them to build friendships. Having that familiar face at school might help your child feel more comfortable at their new school.

Manage the process of leaving nursery
It is hard to leave one chapter behind and say goodbye. Help your child manage their last day at nursery by building a scrapbook with photos of all their friends, key workers to remind them of their time at nursery.

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