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Actividad física de por vida

Ago 12, 2022

Throughout history, different cultures have implemented different ways of sharing the knowledge and feelings of individuals, one of these has been the game. The game is the system through which people can express all kinds of emotions, sensations, stimuli and experiences when interacting.

At KSI we develop interesting activities that provide our students with conflict resolution strategies, interpersonal relationships, values ​​and forms of expression. What better way to develop skills in a society increasingly immersed in technology than in motor games, where students can express themselves safely, calmly, socialize, share experiences, set challenges, gain confidence and motivate themselves to improve.

Regardless of age, the Physical Education classes at KSI seek to foster in our students an international mentality by carrying out directed research, where they recognize the characteristics of the different sports that are developed worldwide, starting from the base of recognizing their abilities, acquiring habits healthy and stimulate physical improvement and health.

In physical education, cohesion is sought in the different stages of development that make up each of the courses, starting with the recognition of the body, development and improvement of its basic skills, recreational activities, pre-sports games and in higher grades with work of physical and technical improvement of sports such as ultimate, volleyball, soccer, basketball, athletics and baseball.

At the same time, we take advantage of the fact that there are currently world-class sports figures from our country and that students see as examples to follow and we broaden the vision of our students so that they can set goals at a sports level and have a life option for themselves. the future. In recent years, KSI has had youth athletes projected to high performance, which has served as a motivating vehicle for the community, for this reason the importance of well-planned activities in preschool and primary school that awaken that sports preference and systematic work in high school to potentiate possible talents for Colombian sports.

According to the Ministry of Health, creating and maintaining healthy habits in the school community is one of the main challenges for education, since there is currently great concern in Colombia about the marked reduction in the practice of physical activity due to the occupation of green spaces due to urbanization, motor transport, increased work and study at home, and sedentary activities related to the use of technology (TV, computers and video games).

For this reason, we must generate more and more spaces for recreation and play during the school day as recreational sports activities in classes and break times, reinforcing these dynamics at home with free or directed sports activities that strengthen the awareness of students and thus, prevent health risks such as obesity, heart disease, hypertension, depression and anxiety among others. We are creating awareness in our students about the importance of sport and physical activity for their lives.

Credits by: Fabian Prieto
Knightsbridge School International
Department of Physical Education and Sports

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