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La agencia clave del desarrollo humano

La agencia clave del desarrollo humano

En KSI, los maestros alientan a los estudiantes a maximizar su potencial de aprendizaje. Esto se logra haciendo consciente al individuo de lo que aprende y observando su entorno. Por ello, es fundamental que la enseñanza esté enfocada a promover el aprendizaje y el...
La agencia clave del desarrollo humano

Introducing Citizen Values Training in Schools

KSI encourages and develops an education in civic values ​​that begins with the subject of civic competencies. Understanding that we are a democratic society and the foundations of the rule of law allows young people to understand their environment, their reality and...
Knightsbridge London ranked amongst top schools in the world

How to Stimulate the Brain for Better Learning?

Neuroscience has advanced in understanding how the brain works, allowing educators to focus their energy on ensuring a better student learning experience. KSI Bogotá combines training programs and student-centered methodologies to support student’s brain development....
La agencia clave del desarrollo humano

The Transformation That Powered Online Education

If something has remained high during these months of pandemic and virtual education at Knightsbridge Schools International Bogotá (KSIB), it has been the creativity of its teachers and students. Through pedagogical and innovative ideas and dynamics, the institution...